Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the standard mattress sizes?
Twin 38"x74" Twin Extra Long 38"x80" Full (Double) 53"x74" Queen 60"x80" California King 72"x84" King (Eastern) 76"x80"

Q: I have a bad back. Do I need a firm mattress?
Maybe. A few years ago a study was done to answer this question. The researchers concluded that a medium firm was better than an extra firm mattress for most people with back problems. Of course, your needs may be different.

Q: How do I choose a mattress?
First you need to answer a few questions. What have you slept on in the last ten years that you have liked or disliked? Include your everyday bed as well as hotel and guest beds. Did you sleep better on the firmer or the softer beds?

In the store, lie down on mattresses in your normal sleep positions–whether back, side or stomach. In general, back and stomach sleepers prefer medium to firm and side sleepers prefer a soft to medium firmness.

Try mattresses with a pillow that keeps you neck in a comfortable position. While lying on your side, focus on feeling a balanced pressure on your hips and shoulders. While lying on your back focus on how your lower back feels.

Find out what's inside the mattress. Comparing mattress quality at other stores can be a challenge. Most mattress salespeople won't know performance characteristics of different mattress components–such as height and firmness retention.

We often take apart old mattresses to see what components other manufacturers are using and how well they hold up. We've found that most innersprings are quite durable. The part of the mattress that breaks down first is the foam. In general, the heavier the foam, the longer it will last. Most manufacturers use the lowest grade of foam–a 1.2 lb density (1.2 lbs per cubic foot). We use latex foam rubber, which weights 3 to 4 times as much and will retain its original height and firmness the longest.

Q: Can you make a dual-firmness mattress?
Yes, we can build a mattress firmer on one side and softer on the other. You can also change your mattress to dual firmness at any time, even if you started with a single firmness mattress.

Q: What if I don't like my mattress?
We offer the ultimate comfort guarantee. During the first 30 days, if you aren’t satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, we will come to your home* and adjust it until you are satisfied, at no charge! We will add to or replace foam/latex layers or replace the innerspring unit to change the firmness of your mattress. We can change the firmness on one side only, on both sides, or in specific areas for extra support or pressure relief.

*In Santa Cruz County. Out of area adjustments can be done by exchanging components using UPS shipping.

Q: Can you make an all natural mattress?
Yes, we make mattresses with natural latex, and organic cotton and wool.

Q: How much do you charge for delivery?
In Santa Cruz County, $20-$40. This includes basic frame set up and removal of your old mattress. We can also deliver outside of Santa Cruz County.

Q: Do you ship out of state? Yes, we ship anywhere in the U.S. Call 831-457-1201 for a shipping quote.

Q: What is your return policy?
Returns for a full refund are accepted within ten days if the item is unused, undamaged and in the original package. Special orders (items not stocked at Bay Bed & Mattress) are not returnable. Exceptions to this policy must be in writing.

Q: What is the best mattress?
The best Mattress:
• Uses the highest quality materials.
• Retains its original comfort for many years.
• Conforms to the shape of your body and provides even support.
• Is made with a zippered cover to allow firmness adjustability.
• Is made with replaceable components.
• Is made by Bay Mattress.