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From Lindsay M. I'll never buy another "readymade" mattress for our bed again! After purchasing my custom-configured Bay Mattress in 2006, I now realize what I've been missing all these years!  

It's so nice to be able to configure the inside of our mattresses according to our comfort needs. We bought two XL Twins and they're in a frame to form a king-size bed. My husband's side is a bit firmer than mine. But, anytime we want to tweak the layers of latex and HR foam, it's as simple as unzipping our mattress covers. What a neat concept!  

Another thing that made my experience pleasant at Bay Bed and Mattress is the way they didn't pressure me. I felt like they answered my questions and educated me about what goes inside a typical mattress. I learned quite a lot!

I highly recommend Bay Bed and Mattress, especially for someone who is looking for quality and the versatility of being able to customize their own mattress. I hope they stick around for a long time!

From Steve Y. 5 stars for Bay Bed and Mattress!!! Dan, the owner, is most accommodating. After two different foam exchanges the bed is PERFECT to my liking. All this at no charge!  

The mattress is made up of 5 layers of foam over the individual wrapped springs. This makes for easy adjusting of firmness/softness. Simply pull one out and replace it. In my case it was two pieces. Takes but a few minutes to do. Very very easy. Unlike a factory bed where what you have is what you're stuck with - a non-adjustable bed - Dan will do this until you're happy with the mattress. How's that for customer service?

From R.C. My wife and I have been buying futons and beds from Bay Bed and Mattress since we first moved to Santa Cruz. This November, I bought one of their deluxe Royal handmade mattresses. They are made here in Santa Cruz with real latex foam, not cheap memory foam. They will make these mattresses custom just for you. Firm or soft or whatever you want and they are guaranteed for 20 years.

I love my new mattress and I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. The owner, Dan is very friendly and knowledgeable. I bought a new platform frame and they delivered and set up the bed and took away my old mattress. I'm really glad we found these guys and didn't waste our time and money at one of the other mattress dealers. Shopping local is awesome too.

Top quality mattresses, locally made, honest information, great prices, No commissioned sales people. I like doing business with Bay Bed.

From Erin L. I bought a mattress here last month, and I have been very happy with the entire experience, from the low-key yet informative help I received from the salesman, to the outstanding delivery guys. What sold me on purchasing from Bay Bed and Mattress was the knowledge that if I wasn't happy with my mattress, they would change out the springs or padding until I was liked it. Good thing, too, because I initially purchased the "firm" model, which turned out to be a bit too firm for me. I called Bay Bed, and they said they'd change out the springs for me, and sent a delivery guy to my apartment the very next day. I can't say enough nice things about the delivery crew--they showed up on time (on a Saturday, even), were super-helpful and polite, and quick as a flash. Now that my mattress is at the right firmness, I'm very happy with it.